Production process description


Raw material acceptance and storage

  • Is performed on the plant territory.
  • Raw material acceptance site is made of concrete slabs.
  • Railway feeder comes to the site which can be used for raw material delivery. Access routes for trucks are also available.
  • Raw material storage site consists of storage area and area of raw material immediate supply to processing.
  • Transport unloading is executed by wood loader on base of excavator LIEBHERR A 924 В .
  • Unloading runs into storage area or directly to working area of wood supply to processing.
  • Timber quality and quantity acceptance is carried out on site along with radiological control.

Initial grinding site

  • Site target is to provide further sites by continuous, even and regulated flow of chippings by means of lumber waste grinding or using clear chips of required fraction.
  • Chopping machine BRUKS, manufactured in Germany, is used for initial grinding.
  • Operator controls the process automatically.

Secondary grinding site

  • Grinding site is used to transform large size chipping 25х25х10 mm into fraction suitable for further drying process.
  • Storage hopper for grinded material is installed for further even loading of drying site.
  • Grinding process goes automatically on crushing mills, manufactured by ANDRITZ, Denmark.

Drying site

  • This site provided for wood drying and bringing it to moisture required for production process continuing.
  • Raw material drying process is executed with use of equipment ALFA-400, Italy, ANDRITZ, Denmark, and regulated automatically.

Pelletizing site

  • 2 main processes undergo on the pelletizing site – dried wood grinding till fraction 0.5-2.5mm in diameter and pelletizing.
  • Compression of wood powder into cylindrical granules under pressure up to 300 atm by means of raw material pushing through matrix.
  • Two pelletizing machines PM 30 are used in pelletizing process, manufactured by ANDRITZ, Denmark, capacity 3.5t/h each.

ACS production control

  • All production processes are controlled by ACS of TP.
  • Control and visualization of all processes displayed on monitors, controlled by operator.
  • Control system operates on SIEMENS S7 controllers software, Holland.

Cooling and packing site

  • Cooling and packing site provided for even cooling and sieving of ready granules.
  • Manufactured by ANDRITZ, Denmark.
  • Packing types: big bag - 1000 kg or small bag - 15 kg.

Acceptance and storage

  • Quality and quantity acceptance of pellets batch.
  • Basing on acceptance results quality products to be transported to finished products storage area.

Product dispatch

Product dispatch from warehouse in the following packing types:
  • Big bag - 1000 kg.
  • Polybag - 15 kg.
  • In bulk (loose) in grain-carrier up to 55 t.